How to use your iPhone as a modem – known as Internet tethering

Travel a lot with a laptop and an iPhone and don’t want to use expensive wifi services to check your emails? Next time why not try “tethering” your iPhone to your laptop and use it as your 3G modem.

It’s really simple, do the following on your iPhone:

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Click “General”
  3. Click “Network”
  4. Click “Internet tethering”
  5. Switch to ON

You can then connect the iPhone to your laptop via Bluetooth or the USB cable. I’ve personally struggled a little with the Bluetooth option but USB has always been great.

Once you’re connected, you should see the screen shown here, and the status strip at the top of the screen should be flashing blue and saying “Internet Tethering”.

Internet tethering on an iPhone 4

If you have problems, I’ve found in the past that connecting and activating tethering then restarting the PC/Laptop when the iPhone is still connected helps the machine recognise the device.

Sent from my laptop tethered to my iPhone.