April 2011

Funny online advertising mistakes – inappropriate website ads

Here’s a funny, but rather inappropriate, example of when online advertising systems pick the wrong ad to show on a page.

I feel for the customers of this site, all they wanted was help on how to get fit and lose weight, the last thing they need is an ad for “burger vouchers”.

How to find high-paying adwords CPC keywords for adsense

If you’re looking for a way to find which Google keywords pay the highest CPC, one place you can is look is … well, Google. Here’s your five-step guide to doing it with Google’s keyword tool:

1) Go to: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

2) Enter keyword(s) relating to the content you want to research.

In this example I’ve entered the high-traffic keyword “iphone app”.

3) Once the page returns your initial results, look for the “columns” button on the top-right of the results panel.

Click this button and check the “Estimated Avg. CPC” option.

Note the page reloads with a new column showing Google’s estimated CPC for each term.

4) Now click on the “Sorted by” button next to the “Columns” button you just clicked on.

Choose “Estimated Avg. CPC”.

Note the page now reloads but with keywords ordered by their estimated CPC. You should see a view similar to that shown below (edited to fit in this blog) and it’s an easy process to look down the list and quickly see which terms have the highest estimated CPC and can potentially be used as in articles you may want to write on your adsense sites.

Remember though, the higher the estimated CPC the more popular that keywords is likely to be, so you will most likely be competing in a crowded marketplace. But of course the same principle can be used for any keywords including your own niche terms. Give it a try and let us know how you go.

Why is eftpos advertising choosing cheque and savings?

Driving through Sydney today I spotted an ad in a bus shelter promoting eftpos, you know, the “cheque or savings” option on a point of sale (pos) terminal in a shop.

It made me wonder why this service (that is free to a customer) would actually pay to market its services. Where was the payback?

A little digging around the web revealed why – eftpos do get fees from customers using their system, but not from customers themselves (like with the now common credit card surcharge) but rather from retailers. Australian PR company Sefiani reveals on their blog that eftpos charges are in fact a flat 5c for all non-charity transactions over $15 (source here).

So it’s in the best interests of eftpos Payments Australia Limited (ePAL) to get more customers to select cheque or savings rather than credit when making a card purchase. Hence the M&C Saachi campaign that is now on TV and outdoor media (official press release).

Seems obvious when looking back at it, but I had to google a bit before coming to this conclusion so I thought I’d share my findings.

Review: Website SEO Audit app by Reload Media

Reload Media (an SEO organisation based in Brisbane, Australia) have released a free app in the iTunes Store for analysing SEO performance of URL’s via your iPhone.

The app allows you to type in a URL to audit and select either “Auto” which gives you a basic overview of SEO performance or “Manual” which allows you to test the URL based on keywords of your choosing.

The Manual setting took a little getting used to as the app suggests you can select max 5 keywords when in actual face the version we were testing (1.0.5) required exactly 5 keywords. In some instances when all you want to do is test for one keyword it was a little frustrating having to come up with 4 more just to get the app to work.

Once you’ve entered your URL and clicked the blue arrow to test, the next screen shows your results.

The results are divided into 2 sections, an overall “SEO Score” expressed as a percentage and a granular breakdown of specific metrics such as Google PR, Indexed Pages and Backlinks (we assumed these were for Google as well) and more.

We couldn’t work out how the SEO Score was calculated but comparing the same page in Reload’s “Website SEO Audit” app to other SEO tools that give a page a percentage score gave pretty similar results.

In addition to the Website Audit functionality the other two tab bar options are to manage your saved audits and contact the company.

A useful app if you ever need a very high-level overview of a page’s basic SEO profile whilst you’re on the move. Some additional features such as being able to click into the results (for example to see the list of backlinks or indexed pages), help links on how some parameters like Keyword Relevancy are calculated when performing an “Auto” search or being able to view results across multiple Search Engines would make this even more useful. However, considering Reload Media are giving this fully functional app away for free it’s definitely one to have on your iPhone.

The Royal Weeding

Everyone is talking about “The Royal Weeding”, searching for it returns 15,500 results in Google. Seeing as we all love the Royal Family and we all love a weeding, here is a photo to commemorate the two.

William & Kate’s Royal Wedding goes mobile

If you’re looking to get information on the Royal Wedding, what better way to get your fill of Will (and Kate) than by turning to your smartphone.

Here are some apps that Royal watchers or fan of William and Kate Middleton might be interested in:

Royal Wedding Countdown
Android: does what it says, provides a countdown to the wedding

Royal Wedding Album
Android: Share your images of the wedding day

Abbey 3D
iOS/Android: See what Kate will see as you take a 3D walk down the aisle

Dress The Royals
iOS: Fun app where you can decide what the wedding party wears

A Royal Wedding Celebration
Android: (from the maker): “From details of how the royal romance blossomed to which celebs made the guest list, Onteca’s new app contains everything royal fans need to know about the wedding of the decade.”

Royal Wedding Live Wallpaper
Android: This live wallpaper will rotate a new royal couple photo every hour

Royal Wedding
iOS: (from the maker): “This app contains all the background and history on William and Kate, plus exclusive photographs from one of the world’s top royal photographers, Ian Jones.”

The Royal Wedding by NBC News
iOS: Official iPad app by NBC News

Make a free website – free website design tools – how to do it

Who wants a free website? Who wants tools to build a website? And hands up anyone who doesn’t want to pay for it…

Ok, everyone put your hands down.

If all you need is a basic web presence, a simple site with some basic content and not much in the way of customisation, here are a few starting points.

Google Sites (http://www.google.com/sites)
Google’s own tool to build a simple site based on preset templates.

Google / MYOB Australia (http://www.gettingbusinessonline.com.au)
As above, but for Australian businesses wanting to get online

Tumblr (http://www.tumblr.com/)
Hundreds of themes, integrate your own analytics, very customisable and you can use custom domain name

Weebly (http://www.weebly.com/)
Neat drag & drop website editor, multimedia tools (like slideshows and AV players) over 70 templates and you get a free blog. Apparently over 6 million users and seen in the Wall Street Journal, TIME magazine and on the BBC.

Jimdo (http://www.jimdo.com)
500Mb storage, various designs, they even have a shopping cart you can integrate with PayPal payments for free (but they take a 10% commission on sales)

Webstarts (http://www.webstarts.com/)
Free service has advertising and some restrictions, 10Mb storage and 5GB/month data

Oh, and if you’re wondering why a Web Development Company is promoting ways to build a website for free – we deal mainly with customised sites and apps for clients who need something out of the ordinary. If you’re just looking for a quick way to get a site up, then we just wanted to share the open source love with those links.

We’re not recommending them, or endorsing them, just sharing some links. Happy building.

Kanye West has his say on Asher Keddie in Paper Giants

T-Mobile Royal Wedding spoof video goes viral – watch here

T-Mobile in the UK have produced a brilliant spoof Royal Wedding video based on the ‘wedding dance’ video we all saw a few months back. I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it yet, suffice to say they really did go all out with their production values and casting to get this as good as they have done.

Paper Giants is a giant hit (on twitter that is)

Thoroughly enjoyed the ABC miniseries ‘Paper Giants’ this week. Asher Keddie (previously from Offspring and Love My Way fame) was excellent as Ita Buttrose, I think it was her scarily accurate lisp that got a lot of people hooked early on.

Not only was the show an apparent success on TV but it’s been huge online in terms of generating discussion and social chatter as well.

Top trending topics in Australia for the last 2 days have included:

Asher Keddie is also receiving a big increase in search volume according to Google trends:

And the other winner in all this appears to be ABC’s iView which is also starting to trend the morning after when customers hearing their friends talking about the show are looking for a way to watch it. All of the recommendations to “check it out on iView” have pushed that keyword into Australia’s top 10 TT’s. Some good ‘free’ publicity for the ABC’s website and app.

(Image courtesy of smh.com.au)