25 ways to get creative in under a minute

Lost your creative edge? Wedged in a writers block? Here are 25 ways to try and spark your brain and fire up your creative mojo in less than a minute (or 25 ways to kill a minute and hopefully forget about your problem):

  1. Find the longest word you can make with the letters of your name
  2. Choose five colours, find five things in your office that match them
  3. Write a Facebook message to someone you haven’t spoken to for over a year
  4. Find as many colours of post-it notes as you can in 30 seconds, then challenge someone to beat you in the remaining 30
  5. Google your favourite TV show from the 80s and laugh at the haircuts
  6. Draw a floorplan of the house you grew up in
  7. Write down all the names of the pets you’ve had in your life
  8. Look out your window and try and find 3 animals in the shapes the clouds make
  9. Work out what 1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 * 6 * 7 * 8  * 9 * 10 is without a calculator
  10. Gargle the National Anthem
  11. Spend 30 seconds drawing random dots on a piece of paper, spend the remaining 30 joining some of them to make a picture
  12. Write a happy phrase on 10 post-it notes, stick them to other people’s computer screens
  13. Clean your desk!
  14. Write a list of your favourite 10 foods
  15. Draw a rainbow, with the right colours (Richard of York Got Bathed in Vinegar)
  16. Try searching for something in Google, then Bing then Yahoo and see how different the results are
  17. Count how many pairs of shoes you have, then draw your favourite
  18. Enter a competition on your favourite radio station’s website
  19. Grab a magazine and tear out 5 photos that make you happy and 5 that make you sad
  20. Write the first 20 words that come into your head when you think of the person you love the most
  21. Grab no less than 3 pens/pencils in a bunch and write your name with them 10 times
  22. Google yourself, then click “images” and see what you look like in an alternate universe
  23. Find something on your desk that is a) square, then b) round, c) heavy, d) red, and e) not related to the job you do
  24. Find a favourite photo on your computer, print it out, cut it out and stick it to your monitor
  25. Write your own list of 25 things you would do to stimulate your creativity

Good luck!