Paper Giants is a giant hit (on twitter that is)

Thoroughly enjoyed the ABC miniseries ‘Paper Giants’ this week. Asher Keddie (previously from Offspring and Love My Way fame) was excellent as Ita Buttrose, I think it was her scarily accurate lisp that got a lot of people hooked early on.

Not only was the show an apparent success on TV but it’s been huge online in terms of generating discussion and social chatter as well.

Top trending topics in Australia for the last 2 days have included:

Asher Keddie is also receiving a big increase in search volume according to Google trends:

And the other winner in all this appears to be ABC’s iView which is also starting to trend the morning after when customers hearing their friends talking about the show are looking for a way to watch it. All of the recommendations to “check it out on iView” have pushed that keyword into Australia’s top 10 TT’s. Some good ‘free’ publicity for the ABC’s website and app.

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