Make a free website – free website design tools – how to do it

Who wants a free website? Who wants tools to build a website? And hands up anyone who doesn’t want to pay for it…

Ok, everyone put your hands down.

If all you need is a basic web presence, a simple site with some basic content and not much in the way of customisation, here are a few starting points.

Google Sites (
Google’s own tool to build a simple site based on preset templates.

Google / MYOB Australia (
As above, but for Australian businesses wanting to get online

Tumblr (
Hundreds of themes, integrate your own analytics, very customisable and you can use custom domain name

Weebly (
Neat drag & drop website editor, multimedia tools (like slideshows and AV players) over 70 templates and you get a free blog. Apparently over 6 million users and seen in the Wall Street Journal, TIME magazine and on the BBC.

Jimdo (
500Mb storage, various designs, they even have a shopping cart you can integrate with PayPal payments for free (but they take a 10% commission on sales)

Webstarts (
Free service has advertising and some restrictions, 10Mb storage and 5GB/month data

Oh, and if you’re wondering why a Web Development Company is promoting ways to build a website for free – we deal mainly with customised sites and apps for clients who need something out of the ordinary. If you’re just looking for a quick way to get a site up, then we just wanted to share the open source love with those links.

We’re not recommending them, or endorsing them, just sharing some links. Happy building.