Review: Website SEO Audit app by Reload Media

Reload Media (an SEO organisation based in Brisbane, Australia) have released a free app in the iTunes Store for analysing SEO performance of URL’s via your iPhone.

The app allows you to type in a URL to audit and select either “Auto” which gives you a basic overview of SEO performance or “Manual” which allows you to test the URL based on keywords of your choosing.

The Manual setting took a little getting used to as the app suggests you can select max 5 keywords when in actual face the version we were testing (1.0.5) required exactly 5 keywords. In some instances when all you want to do is test for one keyword it was a little frustrating having to come up with 4 more just to get the app to work.

Once you’ve entered your URL and clicked the blue arrow to test, the next screen shows your results.

The results are divided into 2 sections, an overall “SEO Score” expressed as a percentage and a granular breakdown of specific metrics such as Google PR, Indexed Pages and Backlinks (we assumed these were for Google as well) and more.

We couldn’t work out how the SEO Score was calculated but comparing the same page in Reload’s “Website SEO Audit” app to other SEO tools that give a page a percentage score gave pretty similar results.

In addition to the Website Audit functionality the other two tab bar options are to manage your saved audits and contact the company.

A useful app if you ever need a very high-level overview of a page’s basic SEO profile whilst you’re on the move. Some additional features such as being able to click into the results (for example to see the list of backlinks or indexed pages), help links on how some parameters like Keyword Relevancy are calculated when performing an “Auto” search or being able to view results across multiple Search Engines would make this even more useful. However, considering Reload Media are giving this fully functional app away for free it’s definitely one to have on your iPhone.