How to find high-paying adwords CPC keywords for adsense

If you’re looking for a way to find which Google keywords pay the highest CPC, one place you can is look is … well, Google. Here’s your five-step guide to doing it with Google’s keyword tool:

1) Go to:

2) Enter keyword(s) relating to the content you want to research.

In this example I’ve entered the high-traffic keyword “iphone app”.

3) Once the page returns your initial results, look for the “columns” button on the top-right of the results panel.

Click this button and check the “Estimated Avg. CPC” option.

Note the page reloads with a new column showing Google’s estimated CPC for each term.

4) Now click on the “Sorted by” button next to the “Columns” button you just clicked on.

Choose “Estimated Avg. CPC”.

Note the page now reloads but with keywords ordered by their estimated CPC. You should see a view similar to that shown below (edited to fit in this blog) and it’s an easy process to look down the list and quickly see which terms have the highest estimated CPC and can potentially be used as in articles you may want to write on your adsense sites.

Remember though, the higher the estimated CPC the more popular that keywords is likely to be, so you will most likely be competing in a crowded marketplace. But of course the same principle can be used for any keywords including your own niche terms. Give it a try and let us know how you go.