Hoyts staff member posts anti-competitor comments in iTunes

Cinema exhibitor Hoyts have recently released an app for iPhone users to browse session times and book tickets. This comes around one and a half years after rivals Greater Union / Birch Carroll & Coyle and Event Cinemas launched their app “pocket cinema”.

Browsing through the comments it was interesting to note this review from a certain user (names have been blurred to protect the naughty):

A positive response for Hoyts but at the expense of their competitor. This got me thinking. A quick Google search for the user revealed their LinkedIn page which listed their current employer as, wait for it, Hoyts Cinemas:

Now I’m not saying this is the first (nor would it be the last) time a company posts a positive review of their own product in iTunes, but should any potential self-promoters be reading this here are two quick tips for you:

  • Tip 1: don’t use your real name, it makes it really easy for curious people like me to find out who you work for.
  • Tip 2: focus on the positives of your own product rather than the negatives of others, real customers rarely compare brands in that way making your fake review very easy to spot.