August 2011

Twitter tweet spam, fake mentions and a killer cheesecake

Another day, another group of unsavoury users sending me tweet spam. This time it’s the ‘fake mention from someone you’ve never heard of’ trick. Here’s an example of one I received earlier today:

Hmm, I wonder what @burkstyhnq2 is sending me, I mean she sent it to me specifically so it must be important. And at first glance she looks like the lovely Mumsy-type who wouldn’t hurt a fly. I bet she bakes cheesecakes at weekends, attends village fetes and just wants to send me a link to her latest recipe, right?


I’m sure the person pictured IS perfectly lovely but their image has unwittingly become the face of tweet spam.

Shame on you spammers, no cheesecake for you tonight.

And this is where you should remember spam rule #1 – if you’re not sure don’t click on the link. You never know where it might take you or worse still what it might prompt you to start downloading.

But here’s a trick for how to really tell if it’s spam or not. Don’t click on the link, but instead click on the username to bring up their profile. In most cases I would guess that you’d see something similar to the screenshot on the left, line after line of the same message you’ve just received.

Look down the list and you will probably find yourself, one of many twitter users who’ve been sent a bit of spam from @burkstyhnq2 today.

So this is where you remember spam rule #2 – ignore it, walk away, don’t click on the link, don’t reply (you don’t want them to know you’ve seen their link and therefore have an active account). Better still, open up a new tab, go to and try their strawberry cheesecake recipe this weekend and think about all the spammers you’ve got the better of as you bite into your first slice.

Happy baking.

Fly Digital launches ‘Mobile LogBook’ web app for tracking vehicle usage

Today we’re launching the BETA version of our brand new web app – Mobile LogBook – which allows users to log business and leisure trips for multiple cars, motorbikes and commercial vehicles and export data when calculating returns for tax time.

Visit in your smartphone’s web browser to get started.

Mobile LogBook has been created to replace paper logbooks that some travellers need to complete each time they travel. A simple two step process to a) create and start a trip and then b) end a trip automatically calculates the total distance covered and logs it for analysis during the year.

Because it’s been built as a web app you can use Mobile LogBook on any iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry device with an internet connection without having to download any software.

The BETA version allows customers to setup and track multiple vehicles including cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles such as trucks and vans under a single sign-on.

The real-time stats section provides an analysis of trips logged to date, shows business vs leisure usage, calculates average trip distances and provides a selection of data graphically using dynamically created bar and pie charts.

At any time users can email trip data as a CSV file – handy for tax time when you may need to send your trip details to your accountant for calculating your tax return.

Mobile LogBook BETA is currently free for all users as we continue to test and get feedback on the app. Future releases will include a fuel tracker module for calculating/sharing daily fuel prices and reporting on fuel efficiency across all of your vehicles.