Our Top 3 Twitter Tips – how to be a better Tweeter

I don’t want to tell you how to get followers on Twitter, nobody can truly tell you how to do that, but here are our top 3 tips for how to use Twitter more effectively:

1) Make Some Noise

The first thing to do when you’ve got a Twitter account is to actually use it. If you’ve gone to the trouble of creating the account and telling your fans/customers about it they’re going to want to hear what you’ve got to say. Sounds obvious but it’s surprising the number of Twitter accounts that are setup and grow a fanbase but then go quiet,┬áso make sure if you’re on Twitter you do actually post Tweets.

2) Make Relevant Noise

Then if you’re going to follow tip #1 and start Tweeting make sure it’s relevant. If you’ve setup an account for your business it might not be a good idea to tell your followers what you had for breakfast. It’s better to post fewer Tweets that are very relevant to your subject matter than to post lots of Tweets of which some are relevant and some of which are way off topic. People generally prefer subject matter experts than someone who simply has an opinion on everything.

3) Don’t Make Too Much Noise

Finally, once you’ve got a fanbase and your Tweets are going down well with your audience don’t flood their screens. However interesting and relevant your content is sometimes less is more. Unless you have a time-critical piece of information to share you might want to think about staggering your posts to avoid becoming too ‘spammy’. The simplest way to monitor this is to keep an eye on your account when you’re posting more frequently than usual and see if you’re actually starting to lose followers as a result.