December 2011

Top 10 Viral Emails of 2011

It’s the end of another year and time for that December tradition that we all enjoy – reading ‘top 10′ lists of stuff.

One that caught my eye was Time magazine’s ‘Top 10 Viral Videos’ list. However, I must have been living in a box for some of the year because I swear I’ve never seen some of the clips they deem top 10 worthy.

I’m not sure how the ranking was determined but (as you’d expect) the clips are fairly US Centric. However it’s a fun list to browse and a short walk down YouTube memory lane to kill a few minutes.

From a viral point of view I probably received more links/status updates about the Volkswagen Darth Vader commercial than any other clip this year, but one of my favourites was the Michael Bolton “Jack Sparrow” video. Both feature in the top 10 but it was the Internet’s most infamous teenager Rebecca Black who scored top slot with her song about the third best day of the week.

Here’s the full list, and you can read the Time Magazine article here:

  1. Rebecca Black, “Friday”
  2. The Homeless Man with the Golden Voice
  3. Volkswagen’s Darth Vader Commercial
  4. Michael Bolton, Lonely Island — “Jack Sparrow”
  5. Father-Daughter Duet
  6. Webcam 101 for Seniors
  7. My Drunk Kitchen
  8. Anderson Cooper Cracks Up
  9. Dancing Thom Yorke
  10. Honey Badger

Fly Digital Turns 1 – A Quick Thank You Note

Today is Fly Digital’s first anniversary. Exactly one year ago today I rather nervously opened the doors and started providing consultancy and development services to clients in Australia.

I personally wanted to take this opportunity to thank those people who helped make this happen.

Firstly a huge thank you to our clients. In no particular order – Perisher Ski Resort, Pacific Magazines, Stacks Finance, Accor Hotels, Amalgamated Holdings Limited, Rydges Hotels & Resorts, QT Hotels, Yellow Canary Consulting, Kendoll MakeUp Artistry, Bondi Bare and Scott Britton Creative. I’ve loved working with you all and look forward to the innovative and creative products we’ll work on during our second year together.

I’d also like to thank those clients I’ve worked with on a consultancy basis whose names I won’t mention here, but you know who you are.

Thank you to all of the designers, developers and other talented people who’ve worked on Fly Digital projects this year. Stand by your phones because there’s a whole lot planned for year 2 already.

And finally, a huge thank you to my family who’ve given me and the company nothing but encouragement from the moment it was just an idea right through to today. Fly certainly wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for your guidance, input and support and for that I am incredibly greatful.

I’ll be raising a glass to you all this weekend at the official 1 year celebrations. In the meantime thanks for taking the time to read this post and for being a part of this special day here at Fly Digital.

Google’s black top bar gets replaced as the redesign continues

Regular users of Google’s cloud-based services such as GMail, Calendar, Documents and of course Google Search itself may have noticed the black navigation strip across the top of the page is being phased out.

The links to these services can now be accessed by rolling over the main Google logo which reveals the pop-up list shown below:

The official Google blog states: “We’re now ready for the next stage of our redesign—a new Google bar that will enable you to navigate quickly between our services, as well as share the right stuff with the right people easily on Google+.”

The black strip across the top of the page where the temporary Welcome to the new way to navigate Google eventually disappears as well.

This change gives Google’s pages a cleaner look, it certainly is less harsh to have the solid black strip across the top of the page and does save a small amount of screen real estate.

What do you think about the new design? Do you like the cleaner style with all those links taken off the top of the screen, or are you not a fan of the new pop-up and preferred it how it was? Let us know.