February 2012

Track your walks with Prevention Magazine’s ‘Get Australia Walking’ campaign

This week sees the release of several new updates to Prevention Magazine’s Health Tracker tool.

Firstly, to support the new “Get Australia Walking” campaign the Health Tracker now provides free walking routines that can be downloaded for users wanting to ‘lose weight’, ‘tone up’ or ‘boost energy & health’.

Walking routines can also be logged directly into your exercise tracker to automatically calculate calories burned in one go.

Additional updates this week include:

  • live search – no more trying to find your food items from a long list, now you can start typing what you’ve consumed and the system will search for you
  • delete option – now you can delete weights or measurements you’ve posted from any point in the past
  • better sharing – all your exercise accomplishments can now be shared instantly with your friends on twitter or facebook

Check out the updates at http://www.preventionhealthtracker.com.au/

Link your iPad to your iMac with HoverBar

They say it makes your iPad a “wingman for your iMac” and with HoverBar the team at Twelve South have come up with a neat gadget for Apple fanboys/girls.

It’s a cool way to store your iMac and reclaim some more desk space. Plus if you use apps like Air Display (that turn your iPad into a second screen) it’s a clever way to spread out your work without paying for an additional monitor.

via: @paulyd on twitter