March 2012

ACCC claim Apple’s “4G” is misleading for the New iPad

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) are today making a claim in the Federal Court for orders against Apple for promoting the new iPad as a 4G device.

The new iPad cannot run on any of the existing 4G networks in Australia due to the differences in frequency bands between here and the USA. But many consumers may not be aware of this fact and are possibly being swayed by the 4G label thinking “it must be faster than a 3G one”.

The same frequency mismatches occur in Europe and the European Commission may also be about to make similar claims on the use of 4G in Apple’s marketing.

The hearing is at 9.30am local time in Melbourne, Australia.

Cards and Payments conference Australasia

A couple of images from the Cards and Payments conference in Sydney this week:

RFID posters that you can ‘tap’ with an NFC enabled smartphone to download the offer.


NFC ‘sticker’ that can be attached to a non-NFC enabled smartphone to make payments.

PayPal Here takes customer payments via iPhone/Android

PayPal have launched a new service called PayPal Here targeted at merchants looking for a way to take customer payments via mobile devices.

Currently available for iOS and Android devices the product consists of an app and physical mag-stripe reader that plugs into the smartphone.

Merchants load inventory into the app, take an order from a customer by adding or subtracting items from the menu and process payment by swiping the customer’s credit card.

Merchant fees (in Australia) are 2.4% plus a flat $0.30 charge for swiped cards and 2.9% + $0.30 for manually entered credit card details.

Here’s a video demonstrating how it works.

Apple’s new iPad, was it just a big letdown?

Like many others I was glued to my screens this morning (Australia time) watching Tim Cook announce the new iPad. But at the end of the presentation after we’d all signed out of twitter and submitted our final blog posts I couldn’t help feel a sense of anti-climax about the whole thing.

Why was that?

It wasn’t anything related to the product. I mean the new Retina Display, 5MP HD video camera, voice-to-text, A5X chip and everything else the tablet contains is awesome. It truly is a world leader and the very definition of innovation.

But it lead me to wonder are we just getting a little used to these sort of things?

Remember when Steve Jobs proclaimed “one more thing…” and pulled the iPod out of his pocket? Who wasn’t left speechless at that moment?

So why are we left just a little unfulfilled when the same company is presenting by far the most technologically advanced personal tablet product we’ve ever seen? Is it all of the rumor mongering and guesswork that preceded the announcement across the wealth of social media networks? Or are we just so used to getting treated to features that blow our minds again and again that we’re starting to get a little bit spoilt nowadays?

Whatever caused it, I can’t help but feel we’re entering a phase where there’s no such thing as a true “surprise” in digital technology, just a continuous series of well executed ideas that will do very well but somehow lack the “wow” factor of a few year’s ago.

Saying all that, I can t wait to get my hands on a new iPad, just maybe this time I’ll order it online rather than lining up outside the Apple store at midnight.

The New Apple iPad – view photos & features

It’s finally here. Simply called “The New iPad”, the 3rd generation of Apple’s tablet has been announced by CEO Tim Cook this morning.

The iPad is a phenomenal business case. 15.4 million units were shipped last quarter – more than any PC maker sold of their PC’s. Over 200,000 apps that have been custom made for iPad are now available in the iTunes store.

The new iPad comes with the following features:

  • Retina display – with a resolution of 264 pixels per inch and a 44% greater saturation than iPad2 Apple are calling this “the best mobile display ever”
  • 5 Mexapixel camera with image stabilization, autofocus and exposure lock plus auto face detection capable of recording full HD video
  • Voice-to-text
  • High-speed 4G LTE (long tem evolution) supported by Verizon and AT&T in the US (and hopefully Telstra over here)
  • Powered by a quad-core A5X chip
  • Personal hotspot – so you can use your iPad as a wireless modem to connect other devices to the Internet
  • 9.4mm thin, weighs 1.4lbs (slightly heavier than iPad2)
  • 10hrs battery life




Existing iPad apps will be scaled up automatically for the new retina display and text will automatically be rendered in hi-res according to Phil Schiller (SVP Marketing, Apple).

The new iPad launches on March 16th but you can pre-order in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and … AUSTRALIA!

iPad 2 will continue to be manufactured with the price for the 16GB Wifi model dropping $100 in the US.

Also covered in todays announcement…


iPhoto has been given a big update as well with many new tools to for the semi-professional photographer on the move. iPhoto will help you crop, fix contrast, brighten, tweak saturation and white balance, reduce red eye, add brush effects, sharpen/soften/darken or click a general ‘repair’ button to let Apple work its own magic for you. Looks very clever.

Apple TV

A new version of Apple TV is also being released with a very ‘iOS’ looking interface.

The new Apple TV will still retail for $99 and is available in the US from March 16th.

iOS 5.1

A new version of Apple’s mobile operating system was also announced including a Japanese Siri.

Photos c/o Gizmodo, The Verge and Engadget

Apple iPad3? Apple TV 3? iOS? What will they announce tomorrow?

Less than 24 hours before Apple reveal their big announcement and the Internet is buzzing with speculation, guesswork and rumour-mongering about what they will reveal.

Here’s a short list of some of the topics that may (or may not) be covered tomorrow:

  • the new iPad will be called iPad 3
  • no, the new iPad will be called iPad HD
  • nope, the new iPad will be called iPad 2S
  • there will be no announcement about the iPad
  • there will be a new version of Apple TV called Apple TV2
  • no, it will be called Apple TV3
  • Apple TV will be merged with iPad to create iPad Maxi-TV
  • the new iPad will be thicker than iPad 2
  • the new iPad will be thinner than iPad 2
  • the new iPad will be round
  • the next iOS will be called iOS Alley (the most fierce of the cat family)

Ok we’re bound to have got at least one of those right.

For the REAL announcements, follow us on Twitter for live updates on the presentation @fly_digital from 5am Sydney time, or sign-up to Innovation Technology – our digital innovation newsletter – for a round-up of the event.

Facebook Marketing Conference – Reach Generator, Timeline for Pages and Logout Experience

Facebook have announced updates to Pages and advertising tools aimed at helping Marketers deliver better campaign results.

Logout Experience

Demonstrated at the recent Facebook Marketing Conference the new “logout experience” will enable marketers to target the page that loads once a user has logged out. This could end up being a pretty powerful place to advertise as it’s a very high-trafficked part of the site and there’s little else currently on that screen to distract from your message.

Reach Generator

We don’t have a great deal of information on this new tool yet but Facebook stated that it helped Ben & Jerry’s reach 98% of their fans and generate a 3:1 ROI. When more information comes we’ll post it here.

Updates to Pages

You’ve probably already seen Timeline – the new way Facebook displays your personal profile page with its large cover photo and chronologically ordered news feed – well the same principle is now being rolled out to Pages with the main updates as follows:

Large cover photo:
you can upload a new large graphic to the top of your screen such as your corporate logo, brand image or photo, or combine it with the smaller square profile pic and get a bit creative with all that new space.

Priority posts:
if you have a post that you want to highlight you can now do one of two things:
a) click the ‘star’ icon to increase the width of the post, or
b) click the ‘pencil’ icon to permanently pin the post to the top of your page – great for highlighting promotions or specials

The previously used Facebook tabs (those menu options down the left of the screen) will disappear however. This could cause some annoyance to marketers who’ve spent time building up a collection of custom apps for competitions, Fangates or to highlight specific areas of their business. However up to 12 promo spots can be customized on the new Page layout which would probably be the most likely position to move this content to.

Ready to upgrade?
If that all sounds good and you’re ready to give it a try you must login as an admin and click “upgrade” in your admin panel. If you’re not ready or dont like the changes then you’ve got until March 30th to change your mind before Facebook migrates all remaining pages automatically.

Need help?
If you need assistance with migrating your company Page across to the new format or want to learn more about how the new advertising updates could help your business then please get in touch with us at Fly Digital.