Facebook Marketing Conference – Reach Generator, Timeline for Pages and Logout Experience

Facebook have announced updates to Pages and advertising tools aimed at helping Marketers deliver better campaign results.

Logout Experience

Demonstrated at the recent Facebook Marketing Conference the new “logout experience” will enable marketers to target the page that loads once a user has logged out. This could end up being a pretty powerful place to advertise as it’s a very high-trafficked part of the site and there’s little else currently on that screen to distract from your message.

Reach Generator

We don’t have a great deal of information on this new tool yet but Facebook stated that it helped Ben & Jerry’s reach 98% of their fans and generate a 3:1 ROI. When more information comes we’ll post it here.

Updates to Pages

You’ve probably already seen Timeline – the new way Facebook displays your personal profile page with its large cover photo and chronologically ordered news feed – well the same principle is now being rolled out to Pages with the main updates as follows:

Large cover photo:
you can upload a new large graphic to the top of your screen such as your corporate logo, brand image or photo, or combine it with the smaller square profile pic and get a bit creative with all that new space.

Priority posts:
if you have a post that you want to highlight you can now do one of two things:
a) click the ‘star’ icon to increase the width of the post, or
b) click the ‘pencil’ icon to permanently pin the post to the top of your page – great for highlighting promotions or specials

The previously used Facebook tabs (those menu options down the left of the screen) will disappear however. This could cause some annoyance to marketers who’ve spent time building up a collection of custom apps for competitions, Fangates or to highlight specific areas of their business. However up to 12 promo spots can be customized on the new Page layout which would probably be the most likely position to move this content to.

Ready to upgrade?
If that all sounds good and you’re ready to give it a try you must login as an admin and click “upgrade” in your admin panel. If you’re not ready or dont like the changes then you’ve got until March 30th to change your mind before Facebook migrates all remaining pages automatically.

Need help?
If you need assistance with migrating your company Page across to the new format or want to learn more about how the new advertising updates could help your business then please get in touch with us at Fly Digital.