Fly Digital is 2! A few quick thank you’s

December 4th marked the 2-year anniversary of operation for Fly Digital.

The company has changed a lot in the last year most noticeably as it transitioned from representing me as a Sole Trader to changing into an Australian Pty Ltd Company.

I signed on my first full-time employee and grew our base of companies and specialists that design and development work is subcontracted out to.

I also took the decision to grow our skills and chase projects in the native app, mCommerce and mobile web areas to ensure we keep delivering solutions on the cutting edge of technology – the very ethos of what Fly Digital was conceived to represent.

The real purpose of this blog post however is to thanks the many people who helped get Fly Digital Pty Ltd to this point.

Firstly to our loyal clients who have been with the company from the first few months through to today – Perisher Ski Resort, Pacific Magazines, Rydges Hotels, Event Cinemas, QT Hotels and Stacks Finance. And to those clients who joined us this year, Zoe Foster, Absolute Tea, Susie Burrell, St Catherine’s School, Red Baron, and a few others who I can’t name publically until your awesome apps are launched early next year.

Secondly, our amazing team – Raf, Tony, Mandy, Jack, Anthony and BBA plus Patrick and the Apptastic crew.

Also, a big thanks to my friends and family who have supported and encouraged me through every step of the way, and finally to my partner and unofficial Business Manager Jacqui – without you this would never have happened. Your guidance, patience and seemingly unending and unconditional support is an inspiration to me every day.

Thanks to each and every one of you, and here’s to a third year of success for us all.