Three things to do before you leave on a Friday afternoon

It’s nearly time to packup and leave for another weekend, but here are three things to do before you power down the laptop and head off tonight.

1) Write down 3 things to do on Monday before lunch

Write a list of the three key things you want to achieve on Monday morning so you can arrive at work and get stuck into it. Try and include at least one job you’ve been avoiding (like returning that phone call you’ve been putting off)¬†and one fun one like updating your Twitter profile. Then when Monday comes focus on finishing that list and head out on your lunchbreak feeling like you’re already ahead.

2) Give yourself one weekend task

Weekends are a great time to knock off a few items on your todo list as well. Except try choosing  those tasks you can do on the floor in front of the TV or at the table with a cold beer eg: sorting out your receipts, installing updates on your laptop, clearing out your work bag or watching that TED video that you never had time for all week.

3) Reflect on the week

Thirdly, take a second to think back on the week and try and remember one thing you did really well and one thing you did really badly. Recounting these sorts of experiences really helps train yourself to improve when you have made mistakes and leverage of good experiences when you have done something great.

But most of all, weekends are for making the most of the time with friends and family, so you can come back on Monday morning refreshed and re-energised.

Have a great one!