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Fashion with Digital Passion – Vogue Australia’s ‘Online Shopping Night’ Is Back

Vogue Australia’s ‘Online Shopping Night’ (VOSN) is on again today. This is the third #VOSN event I can recall, once again bringing online retailers together under the umbrella of one of fashion’s best known names and executing it in a very clever, interactive and social way.

For some time now the primary website has featured a countdown to the start of the event (midday today). This has been complimented with a strong social media campaign across Facebook and Twitter steadily providing updates on retailers who have come on board, special offers, staff picks and so on – all very shareable content and all presented in the perfect place for the target market.

Yesterday the recently appointed new Editor of Vogue Australia Edwina McCann held a live Q&A on Facebook started simply with the post “Hi here to discuss #VOSN ! Tell me what you plan to buy?”. A neat way to introduce her to the new audience and stimulate interest in the campaign at the same time.

The company uses Twitter extensively to promote the evening and encourage retailers and customers to adopt the #VOSN hashtag during the day.

For the last two events #VOSN has trended consistently in the Top 10 in Australia, something I expect will be happening again today.

Last time the company also were one of the first to trial a ‘Google Hangout’ via Google Plus.

Good to see what may be conceived by some as a fairly traditional offline brand adopting digital media so effectively to promote retail sales. Best of luck to Vogue Australia and all the eTailers tonight and let’s hope it serves as inspiration for other companies to try equally innovative digital strategies in the current economic climate.

Google’s black top bar gets replaced as the redesign continues

Regular users of Google’s cloud-based services such as GMail, Calendar, Documents and of course Google Search itself may have noticed the black navigation strip across the top of the page is being phased out.

The links to these services can now be accessed by rolling over the main Google logo which reveals the pop-up list shown below:

The official Google blog states: “We’re now ready for the next stage of our redesign—a new Google bar that will enable you to navigate quickly between our services, as well as share the right stuff with the right people easily on Google+.”

The black strip across the top of the page where the temporary Welcome to the new way to navigate Google eventually disappears as well.

This change gives Google’s pages a cleaner look, it certainly is less harsh to have the solid black strip across the top of the page and does save a small amount of screen real estate.

What do you think about the new design? Do you like the cleaner style with all those links taken off the top of the screen, or are you not a fan of the new pop-up and preferred it how it was? Let us know.

Get Google Plus (Google+) invites

Google have now opened up Google+ to anyone as long as you have an invitation. Well luckily we have an account setup on Google+ and are sending out invitations to anyone out there who would like one.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who requested an invite, unfortunately we have exhausted our supply and can’t give out any more invites. Hope to see you on Google+ soon though.