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What’s a Hamburger Button? It’s the Hamburger that’s good for you.

There’s a hamburger you should try. It’s becoming really popular, people who try it seem to like it, it doesn’t make you (or your app) feel bloated…

Ok, enough of the poor wordplay, of course I’m talking about a Hamburger Button – that little three line icon you would have seen on apps that hides the primary navigation system until you tap on it.

Why talk about it? We build a lot of mobile sites and apps here at Fly Digital and have started seeing a real trend in clients moving away from tab bar navigation to the Hamburger way of navigating. It’s becoming a more widely accepted way to manage navigation on smaller screens.

Is it going to replace the tab bar? I think it will. The traditional tab bar that runs across the footer of many apps takes up a fair percentage of the screen real estate and usually only allows for 5 options at any one time. The Hamburger method takes up a tiny amount of screen space and can reveal a menu system that theoretically can be endless. These two reasons alone are going to move more app developers across to this method.

How does it work? In most cases, tapping the Hamburger icon slides the main content across to the right revealing a vertically scrolling view of menu items. Some apps also replicate this behaviour by allowing you to swipe across the main content.

The screenshots above show how the Facebook app on iOS does this. Below is a closeup of the Hamburger icon and expanded menu from the Teambox app also on iOS:

Why ‘Hamburger’? Well the icon itself has been around for a while but was originally designed to represent a set of drawers that when opened reveal additional content. However as it’s been used more widely in the mobile world (and probably in a bar somewhere on a Friday during lunch) developers have recently decided that the three layers looked more like a stylised burger instead, hence the name.

Google Gmail’s new ‘compose’ mail window

Google have just upgraded Gmail’s web client to allow you to compose an email far quicker and direct from your inbox view.

If you haven’t already tried it when you login to Gmail you should see a pop-up help window like this one:

You can opt to ‘try it now’ and use the new view or click ‘not now’ to stick to how Gmail currently works.

If you ‘try it now’ you’re taken through a quick help walkthrough and then can compose an email from the new pop-up overlay panel that looks like this:

A far quicker way to quickly compose an email, and I like the fact you can still see and click on mails in your inbox underneath without losing the email you were writing. Handy if you need to refer to another mail half-way through writing a new one.

Track your walks with Prevention Magazine’s ‘Get Australia Walking’ campaign

This week sees the release of several new updates to Prevention Magazine’s Health Tracker tool.

Firstly, to support the new “Get Australia Walking” campaign the Health Tracker now provides free walking routines that can be downloaded for users wanting to ‘lose weight’, ‘tone up’ or ‘boost energy & health’.

Walking routines can also be logged directly into your exercise tracker to automatically calculate calories burned in one go.

Additional updates this week include:

  • live search – no more trying to find your food items from a long list, now you can start typing what you’ve consumed and the system will search for you
  • delete option – now you can delete weights or measurements you’ve posted from any point in the past
  • better sharing – all your exercise accomplishments can now be shared instantly with your friends on twitter or facebook

Check out the updates at http://www.preventionhealthtracker.com.au/

Prevention Health Tracker updates for Australia’s Biggest Health Check Month

Earlier this week we launched a big update to Pacific Magazines’ Your Prevention Health Tracker app to coincide with Australia’s Biggest Health Check month.


The Health Tracker already provides customers with tools to monitor weight, waist measurements and calories consumed/burned and features a variety of charts and visual aids to help track progress.

For Australia’s Biggest Health Check Month we have also added new tools to track meal portions, fruit and vegetable intake, stress levels, water intake and even a sexual satisfaction tracker. Plus there’s a new ‘tips’ module that gives you real-time feedback on your progress and help on how to achieve your goals during Health Check Month.

It’s just a matter of minutes to setup a profile and using the tracker is completely free. Check it out at http://www.preventionhealthtracker.com.au/

Fly Digital launches ‘Mobile LogBook’ web app for tracking vehicle usage

Today we’re launching the BETA version of our brand new web app – Mobile LogBook – which allows users to log business and leisure trips for multiple cars, motorbikes and commercial vehicles and export data when calculating returns for tax time.

Visit http://logbook.flydigital.com.au in your smartphone’s web browser to get started.

Mobile LogBook has been created to replace paper logbooks that some travellers need to complete each time they travel. A simple two step process to a) create and start a trip and then b) end a trip automatically calculates the total distance covered and logs it for analysis during the year.

Because it’s been built as a web app you can use Mobile LogBook on any iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry device with an internet connection without having to download any software.

The BETA version allows customers to setup and track multiple vehicles including cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles such as trucks and vans under a single sign-on.

The real-time stats section provides an analysis of trips logged to date, shows business vs leisure usage, calculates average trip distances and provides a selection of data graphically using dynamically created bar and pie charts.

At any time users can email trip data as a CSV file – handy for tax time when you may need to send your trip details to your accountant for calculating your tax return.

Mobile LogBook BETA is currently free for all users as we continue to test and get feedback on the app. Future releases will include a fuel tracker module for calculating/sharing daily fuel prices and reporting on fuel efficiency across all of your vehicles.