What’s a Hamburger Button? It’s the Hamburger that’s good for you.

There’s a hamburger you should try. It’s becoming really popular, people who try it seem to like it, it doesn’t make you (or your app) feel bloated…

Ok, enough of the poor wordplay, of course I’m talking about a Hamburger Button – that little three line icon you would have seen on apps that hides the primary navigation system until you tap on it.

Why talk about it? We build a lot of mobile sites and apps here at Fly Digital and have started seeing a real trend in clients moving away from tab bar navigation to the Hamburger way of navigating. It’s becoming a more widely accepted way to manage navigation on smaller screens.

Is it going to replace the tab bar? I think it will. The traditional tab bar that runs across the footer of many apps takes up a fair percentage of the screen real estate and usually only allows for 5 options at any one time. The Hamburger method takes up a tiny amount of screen space and can reveal a menu system that theoretically can be endless. These two reasons alone are going to move more app developers across to this method.

How does it work? In most cases, tapping the Hamburger icon slides the main content across to the right revealing a vertically scrolling view of menu items. Some apps also replicate this behaviour by allowing you to swipe across the main content.

The screenshots above show how the Facebook app on iOS does this. Below is a closeup of the Hamburger icon and expanded menu from the Teambox app also on iOS:

Why ‘Hamburger’? Well the icon itself has been around for a while but was originally designed to represent a set of drawers that when opened reveal additional content. However as it’s been used more widely in the mobile world (and probably in a bar somewhere on a Friday during lunch) developers have recently decided that the three layers looked more like a stylised burger instead, hence the name.

ASOS Scan To Shop on iOS and Android

Fashion etailer ASOS were promoting their ‘Scan to Shop’ app at a recent Vogue event in Sydney.

‘Vogue’s Fashion Night Out’ in Sydney on September 6th showcased fashion retailers and brands in the CBD through a vast array of live events, outdoor stalls, activities and  parties.

ASOS provided a large 4-sided wall of product images which allowed owners of the app to scan via iOS/Android and purchase direct.

The app is similar in principle to Woolworths’ smartphone app which allows you to scan grocery items in train stations to virtually shop without visiting an actual store. ASOS have taken this principle and adapted it for the tech savvy online fashion market.

Pictured on the left is the fashion wall of products being scanned on an iPhone 4S.

Download via: iTunes or GooglePlay

More info on ASOS here.

‘How To Lose Weight Fast’ makes Woman’s Day top apps list

Thanks to the team at Woman’s Day magazine for listing the ‘How To Lose Weight Fast’ app we created for Susie Burrell as one of their top apps in the latest edition of the magazine.

To be featured alongside the likes of the brilliant ‘Map My Run’ app is a compliment indeed.

Thanks also to everyone who has downloaded the app and provided feedback on what you’d like to see in future versions.

Apple’s new iPad, was it just a big letdown?

Like many others I was glued to my screens this morning (Australia time) watching Tim Cook announce the new iPad. But at the end of the presentation after we’d all signed out of twitter and submitted our final blog posts I couldn’t help feel a sense of anti-climax about the whole thing.

Why was that?

It wasn’t anything related to the product. I mean the new Retina Display, 5MP HD video camera, voice-to-text, A5X chip and everything else the tablet contains is awesome. It truly is a world leader and the very definition of innovation.

But it lead me to wonder are we just getting a little used to these sort of things?

Remember when Steve Jobs proclaimed “one more thing…” and pulled the iPod out of his pocket? Who wasn’t left speechless at that moment?

So why are we left just a little unfulfilled when the same company is presenting by far the most technologically advanced personal tablet product we’ve ever seen? Is it all of the rumor mongering and guesswork that preceded the announcement across the wealth of social media networks? Or are we just so used to getting treated to features that blow our minds again and again that we’re starting to get a little bit spoilt nowadays?

Whatever caused it, I can’t help but feel we’re entering a phase where there’s no such thing as a true “surprise” in digital technology, just a continuous series of well executed ideas that will do very well but somehow lack the “wow” factor of a few year’s ago.

Saying all that, I can t wait to get my hands on a new iPad, just maybe this time I’ll order it online rather than lining up outside the Apple store at midnight.

The New Apple iPad – view photos & features

It’s finally here. Simply called “The New iPad”, the 3rd generation of Apple’s tablet has been announced by CEO Tim Cook this morning.

The iPad is a phenomenal business case. 15.4 million units were shipped last quarter – more than any PC maker sold of their PC’s. Over 200,000 apps that have been custom made for iPad are now available in the iTunes store.

The new iPad comes with the following features:

  • Retina display – with a resolution of 264 pixels per inch and a 44% greater saturation than iPad2 Apple are calling this “the best mobile display ever”
  • 5 Mexapixel camera with image stabilization, autofocus and exposure lock plus auto face detection capable of recording full HD video
  • Voice-to-text
  • High-speed 4G LTE (long tem evolution) supported by Verizon and AT&T in the US (and hopefully Telstra over here)
  • Powered by a quad-core A5X chip
  • Personal hotspot – so you can use your iPad as a wireless modem to connect other devices to the Internet
  • 9.4mm thin, weighs 1.4lbs (slightly heavier than iPad2)
  • 10hrs battery life




Existing iPad apps will be scaled up automatically for the new retina display and text will automatically be rendered in hi-res according to Phil Schiller (SVP Marketing, Apple).

The new iPad launches on March 16th but you can pre-order in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and … AUSTRALIA!

iPad 2 will continue to be manufactured with the price for the 16GB Wifi model dropping $100 in the US.

Also covered in todays announcement…


iPhoto has been given a big update as well with many new tools to for the semi-professional photographer on the move. iPhoto will help you crop, fix contrast, brighten, tweak saturation and white balance, reduce red eye, add brush effects, sharpen/soften/darken or click a general ‘repair’ button to let Apple work its own magic for you. Looks very clever.

Apple TV

A new version of Apple TV is also being released with a very ‘iOS’ looking interface.

The new Apple TV will still retail for $99 and is available in the US from March 16th.

iOS 5.1

A new version of Apple’s mobile operating system was also announced including a Japanese Siri.

Photos c/o Gizmodo, The Verge and Engadget

How to get emoticons on iPhone/iPad messages

Adding emoticons to your iMessages, texts or emails on your Apple iOS device is very simple to setup, just follow these steps:

  1. click on ‘settings’
  2. choose ‘general’ > ‘international’ > ‘keyboards’
  3. click ‘add new keyboard’
  4. choose ‘Emoji’
  5. open up your iMessage/email app
  6. note the new globe button on the keyboard (circled below)
  7. click the globe button to swap keyboard, note the new emoticons that you can now add to your message

I am not proud to admit that sometimes (long bus journeys usually) I have been known to use emoticons to represent famous movies and see if friends can guess them. For example:

See if you can guess those – leave your answers in the comments, or send us some of your own creations.